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EARLY REVIEW OF ABSTRACTS: Authors from countries that are not included in the U.S. VISA Waiver Program (VWP) are STRONGLY encouraged to submit their abstracts early as VISA applications from certain countries can take between 4 to 6 months to be approved. Information about the VWP can be found at:

Prospective IVEC and IVESC authors from countries not in the U.S. VWP may request an early review of their abstract(s). If the abstract is found to be acceptable for the 2012 IVEC-IVESC Technical Program, an abstract acceptance letter will be sent to the author within ~2-3 weeks of submission in order to expedite the VISA application process. This initial acceptance letter will be issued without an oral/poster presentation classification; authors will be informed of their presentation status at a later date after all abstracts have been received and reviewed. Please email your abstracts and requests for early review to either the Technical Program Chair, Dr. David K. Abe (, or the IVESC Technical Chair, Dr. Kevin Jensen (, as appropriate. Requests for early review will only be considered from authors from countries not in the U.S. VWP.